Say goodbye to pizza guilt with Buddy’s healthy options

photo__1401815618_50.197.117.45I like pizza.

Who doesn’t. right? Well, since I have been doing this healthy thing for awhile I’ve had to significantly cut back on my pizza intake. Although delicious, the calories, fat and sodium levels can all skyrocket depending on your chosen toppings and the way that the pizza is prepared.

One of my favorite pizza joints here in Michigan is Buddy’s.

If you aren’t familiar with Buddy’s, you are missing out. Buddy’s famous square, Detroit-style pizza has been a staple of Southeast Michigan since the 1930s. Today Michiganders and pizza fanatics alike flock to the motor city for specialty pies and tastes. And while I am living a healthier life these days, it is hard to not want to indulge in their gourmet toppings and cheesy crust.

So, when the Healthier Michigan team was invited by Buddy’s to sample some of their healthier pizza options, I was a bit skeptical.

However, I must say that Buddy’s has some of the tastiest healthy pizzas I’ve ever had, and no they did not pay me to say that. They were that good and while trying out several of their healthy pizzas, I never once missed their not-so-healthy option.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Tuscan Vegan Pizza- inspired by the Mediterranean, the Tuscan Vegan’s blend of healthy herbs, whole wheat crust and heart healthy olive oil makes it one of the healthiest on the menu.
  • Lake Huron Pizza- a mix of artichokes, tomatoes and spinach makes this pie ideal for vegetarians.
  • Florine Mark Pizza- this pizza features fat free cheese and several veggies including spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.

If you’re counting Weight Watcher’s points or monitoring your diet, Buddy’s continues to deliver. They offer light, vegan and fat free cheese options, gluten free pizzas, whole grain pizzas and pizzas denoted with Weight Watcher’s points. Their dedication to local fair and Michigan inspired pizzas also celebrates our great state.

So, say goodbye to your pizza guilt! Buddy’s healthy choices will help you enjoy pizza in a way that fits with your healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a favorite healthy pizza option here in Michigan? Feel free to share!

Disclosure: This post and the content within it was produced on the brand’s, and the individual writer’s free will. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan does not receive monetary compensation for this blog post or any referral traffic to any of Buddy’s online properties.

Photo credit: David Murray

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