Ditching the chips for my #HealthyMe

ChipsPotato chips can easily be categorized as my favorite unhealthy snack but I am on a journey to become my healthiest self and move away from this bad habit. So I have found a few tricks to help me stay on track and avoid those light, crispy temptations.

When I was researching ways to tame this craving I kept seeing things that told me to substitute chips with carrot sticks and celery, but let’s be honest, when have vegetables ever been able to compare to a potato chip? I am no nutritionist but I am realists who believes that there has to be something better out there that is tasty and can satisfy my craving.

I discovered that pretzel chips are a salty, crunchy snack that can feel the void of potato chips in my daily food routine. One serving of pretzel chips, roughly 10-11 chips, is 110 calories and contains 0-2 grams of fat. Comparably, one serving of potato chips contains 137 calories and over 9 grams of fat.

Pistachios are another snack that is a better option than potato chips because they contain good fats and don’t have any cholesterol or trans-fat. With only 113 calories in one serving, about 49 kernels, pistachios can help lower cholesterol, and because of the high fiber content, can be good way to help you feel full.

My last healthier snacking tip is to eat popcorn instead of potato chips. Popcorn tends to be a lighter snack than chips and with only 31 calories per cup, popcorn can make you feel more full than potato chips. If you really want to stay healthy, ditch the butter and lightly salt the popcorn for a great tasting snack.

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