BCBSM employee, Pamela, shares her #HealthyMe story

IMG_20140523_081059For Pamela McMyler, #HealthyMe is not a new path but a continued journey. She has lost almost 50 lbs since last June and is driven to lose even more.  Here’s her HealthyMe weight loss story:

When Pamela started as a Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan employee in October of 2011, she was excited to work in a wellness-driven environment and discover the incentives of a healthy lifestyle.

She started by following Jodi Davis’ walking and weight loss stories on A Healthier Michigan and was hooked. Soon enough she was walking every morning before work and on her lunch breaks.

In 2013, when she and her husband became foster parents to a four year old girl and her one year old brother, Pamela was ecstatic. The only problem was that she couldn’t keep up with their active metabolisms. The kids loved to run and play and Pamela wasn’t able to.

“That changed my life,” she says. She credits her family as her weight loss inspiration.

Shortly after, Pamela and her co-workers gathered enough people to start a Weight Watchers group at work. Her health journey continued into a natural progression of healthy eating habits.

Pamela attributes many nutritious meals to AHM recipes and food ideas. Some family favorites include lean chicken recipes and anything quinoa related.

Pamela’s most consistent exercise regiment is walking. She walks regularly through WalkingSpree, has been a part of various BCBSM Biggest Loser contests and participates in Zumba classes one to two nights per week.

Pamela’s #HealthyMe goals include losing 15 pounds by the end of July, going to bed each night by 10 p.m. and getting a workout in every morning, all of which she is on track to accomplish.

She encourages others to take advantage of any wellness plans offered at your workplace and find what routines work for you. By using health blogs and trying different procedures, you can customize a health plan designed to help you achieve anything.

Photo credit: Pamela McMyler

This blog post is part of #HealthyMe, a personalized web experience based on your health and wellness goals. To sign up today, visit https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/healthyme

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