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Fruit BombChances are if you are human, you get stressed out from time to time.  Whether it is work, family, traffic or even the daily news, we all get worked up!  The American Heart Association highlighted four ways to deal with stress and one of them is daily relaxation.  We decided to highlight this method of coping.  My very favorite way to chill out is to have fun with family and friends, I think laughter is the best way to relieve stress.  Other things I do to unwind are play golf, exercise, read and watch movies.  Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress and anxiety, so I also found out how my HealthierMI team members like to relax:

David Lingholm

Walking the dog and yoga.

Kyle Hall

When I’m not out fighting crime, I like to relax my mind by going to the gym. When not working on these gains, I like to just lounge around watching Netflix.

Stephanie Beres

I kick box, CrossFit and run!

Mike Miller

I relax by playing guitar, listening to music, reading comic books and playing video games (specifically to blow things up).

Adriane Davis

To relax I drink a cup of tea and read a novel.

Graves De Armond

I always try to “unplug” at the end of the day and read from an actual book to wind down.

David Murray 

I like to meditate, draw and watch movies

Carly Getz

I play Xbox, watch a movie or read a book – anything that completely distracts me from thinking about my mental to-do list!

What are your favorite ways to relax?  Do you have any other methods of coping with stress?

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