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Healthy MeStaring at a computer screen, sitting behind a desk all day, is where 86 percent of all Americans find themselves five days a week. If your job requires you to be glued to a computer for eight hours, how do you prevent being inactive all day?

Here at A Healthier Michigan, we too are behind a desk for the majority of the day but that is no excuse to be stationary. May 21, is National Employee Health and Fitness Day. The Healthier Michigan team tries to do things at work that help us stay fit and healthy during the workday. Here is a list of things we do to stay fit and healthy here at work.

Drink plenty of water: Coffee runs can be a good way to get a walk in during the workday but instead of walking to go grab a cup of coffee, walk to cafeteria for a bottle of water. You can get the same activity in and grab something to hydrate your body. Even if you aren’t going to get anything to drink, just go to walk with your coworkers and get your blood flowing.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator: When you have meetings that are only a couple of floors up or down, take the stairs! The increase in heart rate can help boost energy levels.

Have a walking meeting:  Booking a conference room for two people can be headache sometimes so try a walking meeting instead. Take the opportunity to explore the area, while being productive.

Walk around the building during conference calls: Instead of sitting at your desk, try walking around during a phone call. It is easy to zone out and become unengaged with what is going on during a conference call so try walking around while you’re on the phone. It can help you focus and is another great way to walk around while you’re working.

Pack your lunch: It’s great to go out to eat every so often but if everyone packs a lunch, go down to the cafeteria and eat together. Getting away from the desk is good for mental health and a packed lunch has a better chance of being better for you.

Keep prioritized to-do lists: Being disorganized can be bad for your mental health but organizing all of your tasks can seem overwhelming, prioritizing your assignments is a good place to start. Making a to-do list doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it can help increase your productivity and efficiency. Try it and see how well it can work for you.

Use the restroom on another floor: This is another way to get steps in during your day, find a restroom on another floor and try to take the stairs. Challenge yourself to use a different restroom at least once a day and see how many steps you can add to your daily total.

Eat small healthy snacks during the day: Getting an afternoon craving for potato chips is only natural, fight the temptation by packing something healthy to snack on like nuts or carrot sticks. A healthy snack can tame the craving and won’t ruin your diet.

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