The little things of my #healthyme

ice_water_lemonWhen it comes to my well being I have a tendency to overlook some of the basics: staying hydrated, getting up from my desk to move around and getting enough sleep are what I struggle with most.

It’s not that they’re particularly demanding or difficult. It’s more that they’re habits that are easy to slip out of, if for no reason other than that it’s easy to forget or overlook when consumed with some more pressing aspect of my life.

I’m focusing on these as an important aspect of my #healthyme.

Let’s take staying hydrated. I have a water bottle that sits at my desk that I’ve been guilty of looking at for weeks at a time as it sits there empty. Why do I do that? There’s a kitchen area 100 ft. from my desk. There are machines in the building with all the free ice and water I could want.

Getting up from my desk, be it my work desk or the workstation in my home office, is another big problem of mine. My job and my hobbies require that I be in front of a computer, and often for long periods of time. I don’t move. Worse yet is that I slouch after a while, neither of which is particularly good for me.

I’ve actually started to combat these two problems together while I’m at work. It began by just making a conscious effort to drink more water. I fill that bottle and sit it on my desk. As convenient as the run to the kitchen area is, I do prefer the ice from the machine, so now I hoof it all the way downstairs to the ice and water machine to get my H2O. I get steps in and I get hydrated. I make sure I do this at least three times a day and have also taken to taking a fifteen-minute walk at some point too.

It’s been about three or four weeks but I feel a difference. I feel good and it seems that I’ve gotten off of a bit of a plateau with my workouts and getting in better shape.

Sleep is my other bugaboo. I’ve always been a night owl and use the quiet time in the late hours to work on hobbies or just plain old chill out and clear my mind. That can often lead to staying up far too late than is healthy.

I know I need about seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but I usually get about six. This one is tougher to manage. Between spending time with my wife and daughter, preparing meals, household tasks and other outside life commitments I have little time left.

In order to pick up more time for sleep, I’m simply trying to budget my time: family first, household next, outside commitments then personal stuff and hobbies. There’s definitely some sacrifice in personal stuff and that quiet time I crave, but just having a “time budget” I find there’s less stress at the end of a day from not getting to everything. This process is most definitely a work in progress but I’ve added a little more than half an hour to my sleep time. That’s pretty good so far.

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