Natural ways to stomp out stress all day long

Natural stress relieversStress seems to find its way into everyone’s lives. Whether it stems from work, finances or family, that feeling of worry and anxiety can rear its ugly head just when you least expect it. Well it’s time to fight back! Even if you can’t escape to a spa for the weekend, there are easy ways to relieve stress naturally throughout your day:

At lunch: Eat asparagus. This green veggie is full of folic acid, which is part of serotonin, a mood-stabilizing hormone. Bonus: This is the perfect time of year to enjoy asparagus in Michigan. Other stress-reducing foods to add to your diet: blueberries, almonds, beef and milk.

In the afternoon: Massage your scalp. Whether it’s with your own two hands or using an actual scalp massager, this practice is sure to relieve tension. It also increases circulation to your scalp, enhancing blood flow and releasing endorphins.

At night: Drink chamomile tea. Chamomile has been used for centuries to relieve stress. Its relaxing effect helps reduce anxiety and insomnia (in fact, its nickname is “sleep tea“).

Just before bed: Treat your nose to lavender. This herb helps calm anxiety by relaxing your mind. Lightly spray a lavender scent on your pillow, suds up with lavender soap or use lavender hand lotion.

On weekends: Take a bath. Submerging yourself in water provides a relaxing effect (some think it’s because your mind associates it with the time you spent in the womb). Soak up a moment of “you time” by dimming the lights, turning on your favorite tunes and just letting go.



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