5 healthy habits of naturally slim people

healthy habits of naturally slim peopleIt can seem like some people are born thin and willowy while others are forced to struggle with their weight their whole lives. If you wish you were in the former group, know that while some of it is genetics, there are also ways you can fake it until you make it. That’s because trim people tend to follow certain actions day in and day out that keep them healthy. And that doesn’t mean giving up on pizza.

  1. They fidget and pace around. Researchers at The Mayo Clinic found that lean people tend to move more throughout the day by fidgeting or walking around restlessly—a difference that burns 350 more calories a day.
  2. They don’t multitask during meals. If you eat when you’re distracted, you are likelier to chow down a lot more than if you focus on your food according to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Turn off the TV, put away your smartphone and enjoy the taste of the dish—you’ll not only eat less, you’ll also feel more satisfied.
  3. They only eat until they are satisfied, not until they’re full. Go ahead and dine on whatever you want—yes, even pizza!—but instead of cleaning your plate, stop eating when you are about 60 or 70 percent full. If you can’t manage to leave food on your plate, switch to smaller dishes so you can still finish it off without overdoing it. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re satisfied, put down the fork and promise that you can serve yourself more in 20 minutes if you still want it. Chances are you won’t.
  4. They eat the same dishes over and over again. Not only does it take the guesswork over what to cook, but research shows that dining on the same foods every day can lead to eating fewer calories. You don’t have to make all three meals the same, but have a go-to breakfast and lunch.
  5. They don’t skip meals. Researchers have found that women who eat regularly lose more weight than those who skip meals. Many women end up skipping breakfast due to a crazy morning, so try one of these grab-and-go egg recipes.


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  1. This article is sending a TERRIBLE message. Pretty sure restless fidgeting and eating the same meal over and over arent healthy habits to model after.

  2. Please don’t post my comments – just submitting feedback:

    Enjoyed the article, and agree with a lot of the tips. Makes sense. Good to reinforce healthy eating habits these days, as the culture around us struggles with obesity and major health issues due to being overweight, myself included. I’m on the path to a healthier, slimmer future and see NO harm in passing along tips to those who are interested. I foresee you getting a decent amount of flack for this article, but for the record – I’m a fan of the message. Keep it up! 😉

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