This made in West Michigan app makes health tracking “Abriiz”

Constant conversation occurs over the benefits of tracking your health, especially in the form of diet and exercise. On top of those two key components of a healthy lifestyle, tracking chronic conditions is essential in providing a well-rounded picture of your overall health. As technology surges to the forefront of health maintenance, there are a number of different apps to help with progress and goals. One app, developed in West Michigan, incorporates all three: diet, exercise and chronic conditions.


Abriiz, developed by West Michigan-based Ideomed, aims to help individuals track and manage chronic diseases, as well as overall health, in order to provide the best picture of a lifestyle.

The Abriiz mobile app focuses on a few key items, track, remember and triumph. Track allows you to log key daily numbers, actions and exercises, and successes. Remember gives you the opportunity to set reminders and receive “nudges” when it’s time to take medications or perform daily health tasks. Triumph rewards you when you reach a big goal and when you simply make a healthier choice.

On the web-based Abriiz platform, individuals can connect, customize and care. In other words, when you connect on the web, you can receive support from case managers, family and friends. By customizing, Abriiz helps to manage all of your conditions and goals, no matter how many you input. Over time, the care function provides easy to interpret insights into how you are doing and what to share with care providers.

When your doctor adds new medications, or tests or daily routines to your schedule, Abriiz lets you customize this so that you don’t forget and have an easier time incorporating these changes into your daily life. In fact, you can also allow a daily motivational message to be sent to the app every day to start the day off on the right foot.

Abriiz is available for free on Android or on iOS.

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