A scale that will make you love your weigh-in sessions

A scale you'll love to step onIt’s a rare person who enjoys stepping on a scale and seeing his or her weight staring back up at him or her. Part of that is because it can seem like the number goes up or down from day to day regardless of whether you ate well and exercised or chowed down a cheeseburger and loafed around on the sofa.

As a result of those fickle fluctuations, you end up feeling unmotivated to keep up with your healthy habits. Why should you count calories or toil away at the gym when your weight may not go down every week? That’s why it might be worth upgrading your scale to something that can clear up that confusion and give a clue about the real progress being made. And that’s why we love the new Runtastic Libra scale.

It’s a little pricier than standard scales ($130), but you get a lot more for your money. In addition to showing your weight, the scale also displays your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, body water content, bone density, and calorie calculation (or how many calories your body needs to run every day). That means you can instantly see if your two-pound weight gain is due to more muscle or extra water and keep your focus on dropping your body fat percentage. And the scale syncs wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet so you can track progress over time. You’ll have a better concept of how healthy you are and can focus on positive changes even if your overall weight stays the same.



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