A birthday worth celebrating!

Happy Birthday ColinWe love birthdays here at A Healthier Michigan, so when we heard about a boy in Richland who didn’t want to celebrate his, we paid attention. It all started when a mom discovered that her son, Colin, didn’t want to have a party for his 11th birthday because he didn’t think any of the kids at school would come. Wanting to make her son feel special, she decided to do something about it. She turned to one of the most powerful tools available to her, Facebook, and created a page dedicated to wishing him a happy birthday.

While it started out as a place where people could send Colin positive wishes, the response has been overwhelming. Since the page was made on February 2nd, it has gotten more than 2 million likes and has been featured on sites like The Huffington Post and by news organizations in countries as far away as Australia. Colin’s birthday is coming up soon on March 9th and we want to see how many more likes he can get by then. Join us by clicking here and giving Colin a birthday boost. There’s also an address if you’d like to mail him a card letting him know you think he’s pretty special.



Photo credit: Will Clayton

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