Lakeshore Bike Shop in Marquette

As the popularity of snow biking surges in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, Lakeshore Bike Shop in downtown Marquette aims to capitalize on the attention, and strengthen its role as a player in the winter sport. Snow biking involves bikes, now built even lighter with aluminum and carbon-fiber frames, fit with wider, fat tires made for terrain like snow or sand.

Lakeshore Bike Shop opened in 1988 by Matt and Jackie Calcaterra. With the bike trail situated right across from their shop, their prime location provides customers the opportunity to immediately hop on their bike for a trail ride once leaving the shop. Lakeshore Bike is a full service bike shop with a garage for repairs, accessories, clothing, and bikes for rental or purchase such as specialties, mountain bikes, snow bikes, and more.

The Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) plays the most significant role in the biking community of the Upper Peninsula. Lakeshore Bike Shop donates to the trail system every year and credits the trail system for the explosion of bike love in the community. The trail system involves north and south portions, which allow for variety in riding and experience level, as the north terrain is rockier and the south terrain flows smoother. This year, the NTN incorporated 15 miles of groomed trail for the winter months and the snow biking experience.

Any type of biking is a great full body workout and offers a cardiovascular workout with little impact on your joints. With the beautiful scenery of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, biking gives the best of both worlds. The sneak peek video below shows what you can expect from Lakeshore Bike and snowbiking in the Marquette trail system.

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  1. my friends and I are planning our bike trip this year to the Upper.I was wondering if you know how we can obtain bike maps or any other imfo. We would like to ride mostley along the lakes and we primitive camp any where from 5 to 10 people

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