Howl off the weight? The Werewolf Diet goes mainstream

A diet that combines amazing weight-loss promises (six pounds in 24 hours!) with Hollywood fans (Madonna and Demi Moore swear by it!) can sometimes sound too good to be true. So when we heard those things about “The Werewolf Diet,” also known as the Lunar Diet, we had to find out more.

And what we discovered was a bit…scary. The concept is this: You adopt a liquid fast during the full moon and new moon phases of the month. The theory is that, similar to the way the moon affects tides in lakes and oceans, the water in our bodies is subject to the same forces from the lunar cycle. Liquid fasting during those time periods is supposed to flush loads of excess water and toxins from the body.

While scientifically, this argument may hold some, uh, water, the Werewolf/Lunar diet falls firmly into the “just another fad diet” category. The appeal of any fad diet is understandable. Paleo, no-carb, Atkins, South Beach and even Weight Watchers all claim to offer a fast or hassle-free path to weight loss. The trouble is what happens after the diet?

As we’ve often advocated, the best way to get healthy and stay there is to have a balanced diet and incorporate exercise into your daily life. Health is a lifestyle, not a two-day, four-week or three-month diet that stops. The concept is simple, but it requires a fair bit of effort; you’ve got to want it.

Balance is the key word here. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t advocate deprivation in any form. That means you don’t have to fast and, yes, the occasional piece of chocolate cake is okay too.


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