Valentine’s Day candy: The sweet and the scary

Best candies for Valentine's DayJust as we recover from holiday eating and get back on track with our resolutions, Valentine’s Day is there to greet us with a big box of chocolates. The indulgent combination of dinner out, a champagne toast and delectable sweet gifts is enough to sway anyone from their healthy habits. To help you enjoy the romance without guilt, we came up with a list of Cupid’s most popular candies along with how many calories they contain. And remember: As with anything, you can enjoy any treat you’d like as long as you do it in moderation!

Russell Stover Marshmallow Heart (Serving: 1 piece)
110 calories
2g fat
14g sugar

Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel Chocolate Squares (Serving: 2 squares)
150 calories
8g fat
16g sugar

Hershey’s Kisses (Serving: 9 pieces)
200 calories
12g fat
23g sugar

Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts (Serving: 6 hearts)
220 calories
14g fat
19g sugar

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection (Serving: 4 pieces)
240 calories
17g fat
15g sugar

Brach’s Candy Hearts (Serving: 10 pieces)
60 calories
0g fat
13g sugar

Fannie May Assorted Chocolates (Serving: 2 pieces)
162 calories
8g fat
17g sugar

Tootsie Roll Valentine’s Midgees (Serving: 6 pieces)
140 calories
3g fat
20g sugar

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar (Serving: 7 pieces)
240 calories
18g fat
17g sugar


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