Top 5 reasons to smile if you’re single this February 14th

Smile if you're singleYou can’t go anywhere this week without seeing red hearts in windows, flowers for sale, and advertisements for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It’s enough to make even the most “I’m single and proud of it” man or woman feel a little bad about their situation. If that sounds familiar, take comfort in this list of reasons you’re better off flying solo–at least for the time being!

  1. You aren’t settling for someone who doesn’t make you happy. A recent study from the University of Toronto found that the fear of being single often leads people to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy. But you know that it’s better to wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right instead of pretending that it’s working with the wrong person.
  2. You don’t struggle with post-wedding weight gain. According to Ohio State researchers, going from single to married packs on an extra 20 pounds on average. One of the main reasons? Lots of cuddle time in front of the TV instead of being active.
  3. You don’t spend time cleaning up after someone else. Once a woman gets married, she ends up doing an average of seven more hours of cleaning and other housework every single week according to research from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. At least you  know the only dishes you’re doing are your own.
  4. You snooze better. Once someone begins sharing his or her bed every night, their sleep suffers. A National Sleep Foundation survey found that if your partner tosses and turns or prefers the room cooler or warmer than you, you end up losing 49 minutes of sleep a night.
  5. You’re in good company! It may seem like everyone around you has found somebody, but that’s not really true. In fact, the 2010 census showed that the minority of households–only 48 percent–are married couples.


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