Calorie-free ways to cut your food cravings

How to cut food cravingsDo you often get taken over by an overwhelming desire to eat something super specific and unhealthy, like a gooey chocolate chip cookie or some crunchy salt and vinegar potato chips? Instead of giving in, try a few of these tricks. You’ll cut down on those cravings without taking a single bite.

  • Sleep more. A recent study from the University of Chicago found that when people had a restless night, they showed impaired activity in their frontal lobe and more activity in brain areas that respond to rewards. A result? They wanted to indulge in unhealthy food the next day.
  • Turn your thoughts elsewhere. Australian researchers experimented by having participants who were craving a treat to imagine the sight of a rainbow or the smell of eucalyptus. By changing what they were thinking about, the cravings diminished.
  • Light a jasmine candle. Smelling something that isn’t related to food, like jasmine, can put an end to a chocolate craving.
  • Make a fist. According to researchers in Singapore, clenching your muscles briefly can give you an instant willpower boost—enough to overcome a sudden urge to hit up the vending machine.
  • Hit the road. Walking for only 15 minutes is enough to reduce your urge to break into a chocolate bar, according to research from the University of Exeter. Just don’t walk to a bakery!


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