Do it now: Make a date with your doctor

Make a date with your doctor

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While scheduling more trips to the gym and fewer trips to the fast food joint tops most New Year’s to-do lists, there is one important outing many of us forget to plan: an annual trip to the doctor’s office for recommended health screenings.

Regular screenings—where a physician performs tests for specific diseases—are vital to early detection and successful treatment of conditions as varied as high cholesterol, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Many of these conditions and diseases can be found before you start to feel symptoms, which is why it’s so important to see your health care provider on a routine basis to check for any potential problems.

As your 2014 calendar begins to fill up, take a moment and make any necessary health screening appointments for both you and your family members. Not sure what appointments you need to schedule? We’ve broken it down for you below to help answer your “Who, What, When, Why” health screening questions.


Health Screenings















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