Treat yourself to a gift that “keeps on giving” in more ways than one

Weights GymI can’t stop thinking about the gym – I am hooked!  While that may seem totally normal for some, wanting to get to the gym have never been the norm for me…  well, not until now.

For the majority of my life, you couldn’t have paid me step foot into a gym.  That just wasn’t going to happen.  Gyms were intimidating.  The equipment appeared too complicated to maneuver.  Fitness fanatics were the only ones allowed in gyms, not an average person like me.

But I was wrong.  And as difficult as it is for me to believe, I now absolutely love going to the gym.  It feels great – which baffles me. In my mind, it only makes logical sense that working out would make a person feel sore and exhausted afterwards.  How could working out feel good?

Hey, I didn’t believe it either, but then I gave it a try.  It took a few days to get into the swing of things, trying out equipment that I’ve never seen or even attempted before, but I did it.  It was actually fun!  I felt more comfortable as each day passed.  My energy level increased after each workout and I’m not tired.  The equipment is simple to maneuver.  And one more thing: the gym is not full of fitness fanatics, there are average people everywhere!

But the best part: my body is looking better and more sculpted than ever!  Hey, know that I’m in my mid 40’s… believe me when I say that it surely is something that I like celebrating.

Remember that I was overweight for 25 years, morbidly obese for many of those years.  I know that life  in its entirety.  I’ve been there and understand what it feels like when the topic of working out in a gym or the word “exercise” is mentioned; I hated it.  But I gave exercise a chance by walking 1.5 miles daily.  I lost over 160 lbs twelve years ago.  Exercise changed my life.

I since have given the gym a chance.  It has changed my life even more… and I love it!  You have the ability to love it too.

In these next few weeks, take some time to visit a few gyms in your area and figure out which one you like best.   A gym membership will be the very greatest gift you can give yourself to set yourself on track to meet your New Year’s resolutions.  You deserve it.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving – more than you can ever imagine!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the area provided below.  I want you to love the gym too, which in turn will help you love yourself even more. 🙂

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  1. Hello Jodi!

    You got a good post here! Thank you very much for sharing. Just like you, I also love going to the gym and it becomes my routine. I believe that if we really want to be fit and healthy then we need to go to gym and do some exercises.

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