Small in size, big on calories

Party apps loaded with caloriesHoliday parties are in full swing right about now, meaning you’ll be spending your nights filling plates with pigs-in-the-blanket, Swedish meatballs, and jalapeno poppers. While tasty, a lot of these miniature morsels are packed with fat and calories. Don’t deny yourself—nobody wants to be the person at a party with a plate full of celery sticks and a glass of water—but pick just a few of your favorites instead of going overboard on everything. To help you build a better plate, we uncovered how much damage you’ll do with each of these apps. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1 bacon-wrapped date: 50 calories; 2g fat

½ deviled egg: 62 calories; 5g fat

1 cocktail-sized pig-in-a-blanket: 66 calories; 5g fat

1 mini quiche: 70 calories; 4g fat

1 jalapeno popper: 70 calories; 4g fat

1 boneless chicken wing: 88 calories; 6g fat

1 mozzarella stick: 100 calories; 4.5g fat

3 Swedish meatballs: 130 calories; 10g fat

1 cheddar-and-bacon-stuffed potato skin: 240 calories; 14g fat


Photo credit: Montauk Beach

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