Want to contribute to a healthier Michigan? Get your flu shot today!

“I’m not sure if I want to get my flu shot,” my husband said as we stood in line at the pharmacy over the weekend.

Didn't even hurt!
Didn’t even hurt!

“Why?” I replied, “It won’t hurt, and you can’t get the flu from getting the shot,” I reassured him. “If there are any side effects, they’re usually very mild and only last a day or two.”  But, the coup de gras was this: “Remember earlier this year, in February, when you got the flu and then shared it with me the next week?”

He looked at me sheepishly as the rationale in the subtext became apparent.

“You love me and want to protect me, right?” I asked, stating the obvious if only to further drive home my point.

“Of course. You know I do.”

“And you got me sick earlier in the year, right?” Reiteration followed by his look of resignation. Score!

“I guess I’m getting my flu shot.”

He did.

Like many, I’d not yet gotten my flu shot. I’m ashamed to admit it. I’ve been planning to and have had the best intentions. But, I was inspired to actually get it upon reading a recent report in the Detroit News about flu shot rates in Michigan.

Though the flu season doesn’t reach its peak until January or February, as of November 27, 2013, there have been 47 confirmed flu cases in our state. Compare that to the same time frame in 2012, where you’ll find there were only 26 confirmed cases reported. Seems like we’re a little sicker in Michigan this year…

Another “reason” I’ve waited this long was due to my insurance coverage. I don’t have Blues coverage and my insurance company would only cover the shot if I got it at my doctor’s office.

But, for those of you with Blues coverage, getting a flu shot is easy. For instance, all Blue Care Network members can get a free flu shot at a pharmacy – no copays, no having to make an appointment and no having to take time off work.

Ultimately, I decided to just pay the full price for the shot at the pharmacy as I didn’t want to further delay getting my shot. And I can’t tell you how glad I am that I finally did it.

Talk about benefits - no flu for me and a coupon!
Talk about benefits – no flu for me and a coupon!

See, I’m a generous person. I like to share. In many cases, overshare. But, I don’t want to share the flu. I don’t want to be the reason why my husband or my son gets sick.

We all have people in our lives that we love, that depend on us, that deserve our protection. However, we put everyone at risk when we forego preventive treatment.

And that’s how you can contribute to a healthier Michigan – by getting your flu shot today!

Photo credit: A. Abramov, loving husband and flu shot recipient.



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