The Detroit Beard League Supports Movember

As they state on their Facebook page, the Detroit Beard League is a group of, “follicle friendly folks! Men with beards and ladies that love them.” They are an official chapter of Beard Team, USA and have been since 2009. Members of the Detroit Beard League have had their facial hair featured on CNN and in Esquire Magazine. Their portraits have hung in art galleries in Portland and New York City. They offer membership to all ages, races, genders and backgrounds. The only requirement is a love of beards and the men who grow them.


Chapter member Ryan Hoppe and his wife Crystal (who does the majority of the organizing for the chapter) were gracious hosts and welcomed me to their October meeting. They asked that everyone attending donate a new unwrapped toy or make a donation of money to Toys for Tots. They raised over $125.00 and numerous toys for the charity! They also reminded the attendees to support those men participating in Movember, the November long charity action where men grow a mustache in support of men’s health and cancer awareness (you can read more about Movember in this previous post).

The Beard League members and their supporters were a friendly bunch of people and it was a great time visiting and laughing throughout the evening.  If you’re interested in learning more about them check their Facebook page, they post about their monthly gatherings there.  They will also be having a beard and mustache competition coming up June 28, 2014 with the proceeds going to Save the Pups.



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