MI Big Green Gym: Ghesquiere Park, Grosse Pointe Woods

Ghesquiere Park is located at 19955 Mack Ave, right next to city hall and is a haven for outdoor activities in any type of weather. Home of Grosse Pointe Woods and Shores Little League baseball the park is constantly filled with young athletes. The park has four little league fields for children 15-years and younger, and also two larger fields where high school games are played.

In addition to the six baseball diamonds, the park as a pretty elaborate playscape set-up for little tikes, tennis courts, a field area with lacrosse and soccer nets, and there is also an concrete laid area that, when weather permits, is turned into an outdoor pond hockey ice rink.

During certain times of the year there is a concession stand located in the middle of the park. Also, the park provides a little historical element as there is an old, one-room-school-house on the park’s grounds that was active until 1922. Ghesquiere Park is a great spot for a plethora of activities, no matter what season, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re trying to explore new parks.

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  1. Most mornings, this is the meeting spot for the GP Runners running group. If you see some cars pulling in around 5am, that’s them getting ready for their morning 6.

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