#HealthyMurr: David goes back to the dentist for a filling

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.04.48 AMIn case you missed it, David visited the dentist after avoiding a dental exam for 10 years. The result – he had a cavity that needed a filling. David paid another visit to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s dental expert, Dr. Gary Vance, to have the cavity filled.

While at the dentist office, Dr. Vance and David discussed the various options involved in filling a cavity, including:

  • How is the depth and severity of the cavity determined?
  • What kinds of filling options are available?
  • Is sensitivity to hot and cold foods normal after getting a cavity filled?

As David says, “You only have one set of teeth,” so take care of them! Check out how he does in his second visit.

Continue to follow David’s journey on Twitter with #HealthyMurr and at ahealthiermichigan.org/healthymurr.

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