Dequindre Cut Greenway

Detroit has a hidden jewel that starts at the Riverwalk just East of downtown near Atwater Street just North of the Milliken State Park.  The 1.38 mile long walkway way used to be a Grand Trunk Rail line and is now the beginning of a Greenway development that will eventually run all the way out to Mack Avenue.

While walking, jogging, running or biking along the Cut you see a great variety of Art installations taking the reclaiming of the space to a visual level.  There’s great people watching, too.  Families, fitness seekers and couples out for a stroll.  People power walking, Skateboarding and walking their dogs (for which there are waste stations provided) were just a few that you might see.

Do have a favorite hidden Detroit area pathway?

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  1. Formerly a Grand Trunk Railroad line, the Dequindre Cut is a predominately below-street level greenway that runs parallel to St. Aubin Street, between Mack Avenue and Atwater Street, just north of the riverfront. Well-known for its examples of urban artwork and graffiti, the greenway features a 20-foot-wide paved pathway, which includes separate lanes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

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