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Making time to work out can become difficult because of added responsibilities. Working long hours or an inconsistent schedule can cause a lack of will to exercise. Children are another reason why people stop their fitness regimen. A family needs any and all available attention. With all these great demands, of your time, it’s difficult to maintain a certain level of gym activity necessary to stay motivated to stay fit.

Many people, who once worked out, want to get back into a healthier lifestyle but they have no idea how to get started. Here are four tips that will help get things moving along.

  1. Join a gym

This is the hardest part about getting back into the gym. You must first find a gym that will accommodate your schedule.  Sometimes this could be difficult and used as an excuse for why you haven’t started working out again. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive gyms to join that are 24 hours.  Just getting into the gym should motivate you to start exercising again.

2. Start attending regularly

Developing a routine and being consistent with your exercises is really important. Without some form of structure, your progress will be minimal. A good range of 3 – 5 days a week should allow for greater results, depending on the intensity of the workouts and the individual.

3. Swallow your pride

Many of us who are returning to the gym are still looking to pick right back up from where we left off. We like to think, “oh yeah, muscle memory” but we are sadly mistaken. Although there is a certain amount of muscle memory, you cannot rely on it if you’ve been away for while. So it’s best to start from scratch. It’s better to start at a lower level and build up than to start higher and risk harming yourself.

4. Have patience

Nothing worth having comes easy. Most people will never reach their fitness goals because they aren’t seeing instant results. Giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to see progress is key. Just stick with it. You’ll get there.


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  1. This is article was right on time, I use all of these excuses but really you have to set a date and just go!.

  2. Kyle, where’s blog #3?! Thanks for encouraging me (i.e., shooting down my excuses) to get to the gym regularly. Friendly peer pressure works.

  3. My late husband ran over 60 marathons, numerous short triathlons and competed in the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii 4 times. He worked a full time job while training. Not an easy accomplishment when you are in your 40’s. Amazing what you can do as long as you take care of yourself.

  4. Shame insurance doesn’t cover some or all of the cost of membership. Back in June I had a mild heart attack, and am going thru the cardiac rehab thru my care provider. I just joined the local “Y”, so that I can continue with the routine I have started, they have the best rates for the comparable facilities. My insurance only covers club memberships in the Michigan area.

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