The Pursuit of Healthiness – David’s Six Month Recap

Pursuit of Healthiness David and Grace

Okay. Summer is over. Time to punch back in!

It has been six months since we began the Pursuit of Healthiness and I am happy to share that my state of health has improved significantly. Or at least that is what the numbers tell me. Specifically I have:

  • Lost 42 lbs
  • Gone from a 3,200 calorie a day diet to 1,800 calories a day
  • Increased my intake of lean proteins and heart-healthy fats
  • Cut down on the sugars and bad carbohydrates
  • Dropped two pant sizes
  • Began exercising

So while we took some time off during the summer the next six months will see me going through more of the health gauntlet. I have the eating healthier part down. ┬áNow, I need to focus on the exercise part of this program. In the upcoming months you’ll be seeing me partake in many more healthy adventures, including something called “running a 5k.”

Be sure to take a look at our recap video below!

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