Why not pick Grand Rapids for a conference destination?

With the Medical Mile, Grand Rapids has proven itself to be a national and international hub for medical research, health care, and hospitals. Bringing an international medical research conference, like the International Herpes-Virus Workshop last week, to the city also highlights the growth of “our reputation [and brand recognition] as a midsize city that is capable of hosting world-class events,” says Doug Small, President of Experience Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Medical Mile
Grand Rapids Medical Mile

Experience Grand Rapids has a program called, ‘Bring it to Grand Rapids,’ for this very reason.

Explains Small, “[We] research potential convention groups and seek out local contacts that are members of those groups to get them involved with our bid presentation. It works!”

In fact, “nearly 65% of all national and international conferences that convene in Grand Rapids are the result of a local, passionate individual stepping up and inviting their group,” exclaims Small.

This particular conference brought a group of over 500 researchers and medical professionals from across the world in a culmination of the largest research and workshop over the herpes-virus. That speaks volumes about the Grand Rapids community, as well as creating an impact on the city’s tourism and overall image. Small is confidant that “these guests will not only find our destination to be physically attractive, but socially responsible and completely hospitable in every way.”

Dr. Steve Triezenberg, Director at the Van Andel Institute and Co-Chair of the International Herpes-Virus Conference, assures “[the conference attendees] were very impressed with the city, the friendliness, the hospitality and the service. They really had a great experience here.”

The future of Grand Rapids is bright for not only the medical scene, but for the city in its entirety. Small sums it up well: “When you look at the wealth of knowledge, international recognition, and pure size of the Medical Mile, the chances of us continually attracting new business opportunities is endless.”

What attracts you to Grand Rapids?

Photo credit: John Eisenschenk 

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