It’s never too late to ‘Just Do It’

“Just Do It.” A a slogan most of us are familiar with, and understandably so. These three words have been a trademark of Nike Inc. since 1988, which means we’ve either seen or heard the slogan for 25 years. Supposedly the first instance of the slogan was said in the 1965 movie “Never Too Late.”

It’s striking to me that if you put the two titles together in the same sentence it would read something like, “It’s never too late, just do it.”

We each have the power to use that simple yet very powerful sentence to motivate us towards taking that first step towards a goal we hope to achieve: a healthier body. It isn’t always easy to do, which is the reason why the “Just Do It.” slogan works. It is simple. It makes sense. It motivates.

Yes, those three words have been proven to deliver results.

Isn’t that what we all want, results?

We surely don’t want the opposite.

But for many people, that’s exactly what happens — constantly contemplating a goal of better health but then creating excuses that stop us from taking that first step. We end up doing nothing, and the end result we had wished for does not happen. As time passes, we assume it’s too late to even try.

But I’m here today to tell you that “It’s never too late, just do it.”

When you allow your mind to absorb those words and stop any excuses or forms of negativity from entering your mind, then you will find yourself taking that first step.

Say those three words out loud if you need to.

I did. They delivered amazing results. Now it’s your turn.

Just do it.

It’s never too late.

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