Top 5 Reasons to Try Golf in Michigan This Summer

Hands down, golf is one of the best ways to spend time outside during a Michigan summer. I have been playing golf since I was 7 years old and cannot get enough of the sport. Michigan has more than 600 public courses to choose from all over the state.

Here are some reasons why it should be the next sport you try:

  1. Fun for all ages: Because golf is not a high-intensity sport, people play well into retirement. It is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my entire family.
  2. Exercise: Golfers have the opportunity to not only get outside and enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer, but they can also ditch the golf cart and walk nine or 18 holes to get in some extra exercise. Professional golfers even have training routines that include stretching, balancing and weight lifting.
  3. Mind: Golf is as great for the body as it is for the mind, it requires a lot of concentration and forces you to leave worries and your cell phone at home. Try hitting the links after a stressful week at work for a much needed mental break.
  4. Social: Looking to get in exercise and catch up with your squad? Bring your friends along for a round and catch up in between shots.
  5. Nature: Michigan’s golf courses are all over the state and the nature is beautiful. There are woods, beaches and hills that surround fairways.

Do you know of any great Michigan golf courses for walking and playing? Do you have any golf exercises or stretches you do?

Check out the video below for some warm up and stretching tips before hitting the links:

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Photo credit: Imagine Golf

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