Are you too crunched for time to get to the gym? Do you have 20 minutes to spare?

Sometimes, getting to the gym is the hardest part of exercising.  Whether it is a summer thunderstorm or a napping baby, getting motivation to leave your house and get in a good sweat can be difficult.

Luckily, this workout can be done anywhere, even at home.  It doesn’t require weights or large amounts of space.  The best part?  The workout is only 20 minutes long and will actually get your heart rate up due to its mix of cardio centered moves and body weight training positions.

If you have trouble pushing through a workout on your own, grab a friend or family member and sweat it out together.  The goal is to be able to do the entire workout twice, with no breaks in-between.  If you’re not quite ready for that yet, try your best with breaks as needed and work your way into doing the entire thing.

The Anywhere Workout:

1 minute jumping jack
30 second side lunges
30 second squats
1 minute jog in place
30 second burpee
30 second lunges
1 minute jump rope in place (no jump rope needed!)
30 second mountain climbers
30 second speed skaters
1 minute butt kickers
30 second lunge kicks
30 second squats
1 minute high knees
30 second switch-lunges
30 second push-ups

Once through = one set (10 minutes).  Repeat all the way through for a total of two sets lasting 20 minutes.

Download the free app called “Seconds” (by Runloop) to keep track of your interval times.  The app will allow you to set sound alerts to notify when to switch to the next move. Bonus, the app even has calming sounds if you want to use it to time your yoga or meditation sessions.

How will you incorporate this mix into your exercise schedule?

Photo credit: Rance Costa


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    1. You’re welcome Donald, I have done this workout before – just because there isn’t a gym or weights it is still challenging and fun! Thank you for reading!

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