Is it time to retire your favorite pair of shoes?

Whether you are an avid runner, dedicated walker or find yourself standing for consecutive hours, you need the right shoes.

Feet that are happy and comfortable can lead to better posture, more energy and a decreased risk of injuries.  On the other hand (or foot), wearing shoes that aren’t the right fit or that don’t offer enough support can not only cause agony in the feet, but can lead to chronic distress throughout the body.  Uncomfortable shoes can lead to serious pains like tendonitis or bunions, may cause posture issues, and can even lead to displaced discs in your spine.

The best bet is to go to a store that specializes in shoe sales and have your feet measured properly.  Great shoe stores will have helpful attendants that will be able to watch your walking or running gait to see what shoes are best for your feet. Everyone has slightly different needs when it comes to foot support.  Attendants will also be able to direct you to information on arch reinforcement and insoles.  Don’t forget, it is up to you to communicate what feels right for your body.  If you feel that you need more support in a certain area of your foot, or that your shoes may not be the right size, speak up.

So how do you know when your shoes are ready to retire?  The general rule to replacing old shoes is about 300-400 miles of use if you are a runner, and 400-500 miles if you are a walker.  If you stand on your feet for long periods of time, aim to replace your shoes every three to six months.  The time to get new shoes could be earlier for some people, especially if he or she is heavier set or has a problem with over-pronation.

Another tip, don’t use your running shoes when you are working, and vice versa.  If you’re concerned that certain shoes are getting worn out too fast, designate those shoes for only certain things.

Use good judgment when it comes to replacing older shoes.  Do they seem worn out?  Are they torn or damaged?  Using shoes that aren’t in good shape can lead to injuries.

When it comes to your feet aim to be as comfortable as possible, your body will thank you!

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