Enjoying the sand under my feet hasn’t always been easy

When is the last time you visited the beach?   Building a sand castle, taking a walk along the water’s edge, climbing a sand dune, playing a game of beach volleyball and splashing around in the lake are just a few ways to enjoy several hours of fun in the sun.

A day spent at the beach is great fun.  It allows you to enjoy different forms of exercise too.

Walking through the soft sand is my favorite thing to do when I’m visiting the beach these days.  I enjoy it because it’s much easier for me to do; it’s wasn’t such a simple task when I weighed 300 pounds.

Recalling the days spent at the beach when I was morbidly obese allows me to appreciate moving through the loose sand with little effort, something I thought was impossible before I started losing weight.  When I walk in the sand today, I’m not out of breath or feel like my heart is beating uncontrollably to the point of nearly passing out.  The migraines and feelings of heat exhaustion are gone too.  Nobody knew that I was going through those things years ago.   I didn’t tell anyone. It was embarrassing to admit.

I was also scared.  I knew that my body was telling me that I needed to take care of it better.  Those old memories are tough to bring up but I feel that I must.  They help me remember that the stress on my body caused by my excess weight was real.   They also remind me to believe in possibilities.

I never thought I would see the day when walking on a sandy beach would be easy to do.  I use to believe it was impossible.  I thought losing 160 pounds was impossible too, yet both of those things happened.  How?

All it took was one first step.

It wasn’t in the sand.  It wasn’t at a beach.

The step was taken within.

I believed it was possible.

The effort was similar to that of walking through the loose sand at times.  There were a few times when I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere, but I kept going.

Those steps lead me to endless possibilities.

I’m enjoying them today.

Those possibilities are available to you too.

Take that first step.

The impossible will become possible – I believe in you.

Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan

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