Is your health a little daily extra that you still try to ignore?

Most of us lead very busy lives.  As soon as the alarm goes off, our mind begins to churn with all the things that we need to get accomplished before the next alarm wakes us up in 24 short hours.  If we actually attempted to compile a list, it would never be complete.  The daily agenda is continuously growing.

Out of necessity, we force ourselves to find little extra time each day for things that we don’t necessarily want to do but realize that we must.   We take care of those daily extras, making sure that they are tended to because we know from past experiences what can happen if we don’t.  The consequences can create trauma and future complications, many that are detrimental to the flow of our daily routine.  Some can stop the flow all together.

My health use to be that little daily extra but now, I find time for me.  My health defines who I am and how I live.

In the past I would always say that I could not find time for me.  Yes, I felt as though all those other “things” were more important to take care of.

But are they?

Vehicles, heating/cooling systems, homes, etc. can all be replaced.  You can get another.

There is not another you.

Taking preventative measures to ensure that you and your health do not break down, creating trauma and unintended consequences is important.   You can’t be replaced like “things” can.   That alone should allow you to realize that you need to find time to take care of you.  Take time for preventative measures.  Do what it takes to avoid the detrimental consequences.

Daily physical activity, something as simple as taking a 20-minute brisk walk can help you avoid several possible future health complications.  Exercise such as walking daily can help prevent heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes along with helping you improve your mood, lose weight, enjoy a better night’s sleep and increase your self-esteem level.

I know you can find the time to take care of you and your health, it’s a matter of wanting to.

I want you to.  I hope you feel the same way.

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