Do you believe in your ability to do the work it takes to lose weight?

Recently our small community has been holding a ‘walking night.’   People are invited to meet at a local business once a week and then we all walk about 2.25 miles, which is about 45 minutes of “walk and talk” time.  Comments are often made that the time flies by when you are walking and talking with friends and I couldn’t agree more!

One person in particular has talked with me a lot in the past about overcoming her obesity.  I’ve shared hours of information with her, often about how I personally lost weight along with answering any and all questions that she throws my way.  It’s been good for both of us.  Strong feelings have surfaced.  Many tears have been shed.

But all that time hasn’t contributed to her losing weight, yet.

The problem is she hasn’t been able to believe that she can do the work it takes to lose weight.  Why?  Because she admits that she doesn’t believe that she could walk more than a few minutes because of her size. She was still confronting that old obstacle of a lack of belief in her ability … but then, she broke through it!

We walked side-by-side during a recent ‘walking night’ and I actually saw her break through!  After we had walked around 1.5 miles, I made the announcement to everyone that we had just completed that distance – or 3,000 steps on the pedometer.  She didn’t believe me and thought I was just being funny.  I didn’t make much of it and we continued to walk and talk.

When we arrived to our destination point, I looked at the pedometer once more and exclaimed that we had walked a total of 2.25 miles.  She refused to believe me so I asked her to take a look at the pedometer herself and that is when her eyes widened as big as saucers!  “Oh my gosh!  We just walked over 2 miles and I don’t even hurt?  I can’t believe I don’t hurt!  It went by so fast and it was fun too!  This is crazy!  I could do this every day!”

Finally, her barrier was broken.  Her inability to believe she could walk a significant distance had ended.  She is ready for the fight now, her battle of the bulge has begun and she knows she is going to win!

Now let me ask you if you’re ready to believe in yourself?  You can win the battle of the bulge too … you just have to believe!

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