Meet the Make The Play for Healthy Habits finalists: Mackenzie Pentland

Mackenzie PentlandMackenzie Pentland

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

School: Sault Area Middle School in Sault Ste. Marie

Hometown: Brimley, Mich.

About Mackenzie:

  • Mackenzie created her video with the help of other students in her video production class.  Each active student in the video is featured practicing the same team sport they play at the school.
  • Mackenzie is the oldest of three girls and is consistently encouraged by her parents to be active and eat healthy.  The family often eats organic foods and uses natural ingredients to make healthier, sugar-free versions of treats, such as granola bars and cookies.
  • Mackenzie is a cross-country runner, but spends the majority of the year practicing and playing her favorite sport, basketball.  In addition to being a starting member of her school’s basketball team, Mackenzie continues working on her skills in the off-season by training three days a week with high school students.
  • Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her grandparents and is especially close with her grandfather, Papa Jim, a huge Matthew Stafford and Detroit Lions fan.  Mackenzie would love to have the chance to meet Matthew Stafford and have him visit her school.  However, creating the opportunity for her grandfather to meet Matthew Stafford would be the best reward of the video contest.

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