Meet the Make The Play for Healthy Habits finalists: Fiona Wing

Fiona Wing

Age: 12

Grade: 4th

School: Three Lakes Academy in McMillan

Hometown: McMillan, Mich.

About Fiona:

  • Fiona is a member of her school’s Fuel to Play 60 Club, which consists of several students of various ages, committed to living healthy lifestyles.  The club members raise money to fund healthy activities and group excursions, such as skiing and snowboarding.
  • Fiona was inspired to submit a video after she attended a Detroit Lions game with the Fuel to Play 60 Club.  She had such a wonderful experience that she wants the other students in her school to have the opportunity to meet Matthew Stafford.
  • Fiona filmed her video during her school’s Healthy Michigan Celebration Day, with the help of other club members.  The celebration helped raise awareness of local farmers and healthy food choices, providing an ideal environment for the video.
  • Active in her community, Fiona is involved with her church’s youth group and community entertainment programs.  She strives for 60 minutes of physical activity a day and achieves that through activities such as soccer and playing outside with her younger brother.  Fiona also loves to play the fiddle, sing, sew and garden with her mom.

Vote for her video here.



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