Prescription drug abuse: Why 04/27/13 is so important

DSC_0016Honor is powerful.

Among other ways, it motivates us to change the world as we know it, when death snatches up our loved ones way too soon and flips us upside down.

Honor puts purpose to pain.

Mark Rudolph, Susan Gregory, Andrew Fortunato and others from Families Against Narcotics strive to do exactly that – honor the lives lost to prescription drug abuse by spreading the message of prevention and recovery to schools and organizations across Michigan. In the clip below, they share their stories.

If there’s ever a way to prevent a tragedy, this is it.

Think of all of the expired, unwanted prescriptions that randomly sit around each of our homes – in a drawer, on a bed stand or on top of the fridge – not to mention each of our medicine cabinets. It’s enough to actually make a difference, if each of us were to take them to a National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day drop-off location on 04/27.

Find out which one is closest to you.

Photo credit: imsvsims

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