Top dog parks in Michigan

No matter where you live or are visiting in Michigan, you can find a great off-leash dog park. In addition to the pure joy and freedom your dog will feel, you can de-stress and incorporate exercise into the visit by playing fetch and walking the park. Check out our list of top dog parks throughout the Mitten State:

  1. Bark Park, Kalamazoo
  2. Canine Corral, Ann Arbor
  3. Detroit Dog Park, Detroit
  4. Fairmont Dog Park, Kalamazoo
  5. Hillcrest Dog Park, Grand Rapids
  6. Meadow Run Dog Park, Kalamazoo
  7. Soldan’s Leashless Dog Park, Lansing
  8. Swift Run Dog Park, Ann Arbor
  9. Tails & Trails Dog Park, Saugatuck
  10. Wagner Park Dog Run, Royal Oak
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      1. It is still blocked. Time for the company to change its web browsing policy!! Be more social media friendly.

  1. There are 2 Downriver now..Brownstown Dog Park,Brownstown,MI. and Woofhaven Dog Park in Woodhaven, MI. Great Parks!!

  2. um. Detroit doesn’t have a dog park YET. It’s being built. so I’d have to say the list is gathered by googling, not by experience. And you left out so many primo parks,; have you ever visited any of these? or Orion Oaks?

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