Three great dance fitness trends for 2013

Repeating the same workout routine can get old fast. If you’re used to exercising on your own, try changing up your routine with one of the latest trends in group fitness: dance. No longer limited to dances like the salsa or belly dancing, these top dance-based fitness classes will help you burn calories and tone your muscles without requiring you to be a rock star on the dance floor.

  • Zumba – Zumba isn’t so new – it’s been around since 2001 – but it’s catching on at gyms all over the United States. While there are eight different official variations on the Zumba workout, at its core Zumba combines the upbeat rhythm of Latin music with Latin-inspired dance moves. Gyms like Fitness19 and LA Fitness offer weekly Zumba classes at their Michigan locations.
  • Bollywood – If you prefer the tunes and moves in Bollywood more than the Latin rhythm of Zumba, consider a Bollywood dance exercise. This fun, cardio-centric workout involves a combination of shimmy-like movements set to traditional Bollywood music.
  • Barre Classes – If you’re more interested in toning than in cardio, consider a ballet-inspired workout that revolves around the ballet barre. Following the steps behind ballet conditioning, practitioners of this fitness trend use the ballet barre to sculpt and tone.

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