Season 14 Biggest Loser goes from “Why me?” to “Why not me?” and sheds 121 pounds

biggest_loser_detThe Biggest Loser has been one of my favorite shows since the day it first aired.   I often tear up when I watch a participant stand on the scale and discover a significant weight loss; sights such as those will continuously touch my soul.   Season 14 has had the same effect, but I will admit that this season’s winner, Danni Allen, emotionally moved me just a little bit more.

Danni, a 26-year old from Wheeling Illinois, had a starting weight of 258 lbs. when this year’s Season 14 began. When she weighed herself in front of a live studio audience at the finale, Danni discovered that she had lost a total of 121 pounds, allowing her to win by a single pound.   Danni was interviewed on NBC’s Today show this morning, which is “must see TV” for me.  She said that even if she didn’t win, in her heart she had already won!

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During the competition, Danni actually gained 19 lbs. of muscle and realized that it could jeopardize her chance at winning, but she did say,  “This is a weight loss show, it’s about the numbers …  but at the end of the day, if you tell me that I lost because I gained too much muscle, I’ll take it!”

Now weighing 137 pounds, Danni lost a total 46.9 percent of her entire body weight.  She says her weight loss has given her the self-confidence that she never had before.  It has also given her that sense of belief that she can dream again, that nothing is too big.  “Anything is possible,” claims Danni and she truly believes that.

But there was something that Danni said during her interview that triggered my emotions and caused a reaction that took me by surprise.  She shared with the viewers that she has changed her slogan, going from “Why me?” to “Why not me?” which caused my eyes to well up with tears.  I felt an overwhelmingly familiar feeling, one that took me back to my morbidly obese days when I’d ask myself that same question over and  over “Why me?”

That question was altered for me as well.  I remember asking myself  “ Why not me?” back in January 2001, the month when I began my new lifestyle.   Isn’t it crazy how that one word inserted into a simple question changes how you view a situation?  It’s awesome and it’s a lesson for each of us!

It’s very likely that each of the Season 14 contestants asked themselves that same question “Why not me?” as it’s very apparent that they each knew that it was possible for them to lose weight successfully as well.   This slide-show will allow you to see their amazing transformations!  Notice how much the younger participants are smiling … these children are extremely proud of their accomplishments and it surely shows.

The last bit of advice that Danni shared is something that I hope you will always keep in mind, “Never doubt yourself, just try.  There’s no harm in trying.  If you fall, keep going – there is no end of the road, keep trying.”

Well said Danni.  Well said!


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