Failing a Fitness Test and Counting Calories


There really isn’t a nice way to tell someone they’re obese.

At least that was the technical term shared with me after I completed my fitness test. Although grades weren’t handed out after taking my initial health and fitness assessment, it was clear that I had failed. Actually, I ranked the highest in the “poor health” category. This could be considered the equivalent of being told that you are the winner of the suckiest division of your choice of sport. Doesn’t dampen the blow does it?

Yeah, I felt pretty low that day.

However, it was eye opening to see just what is considered healthy, and what is not.

Having adopted a healthy lifestyle last month, I’ve learned just how little I know about what it takes to live healthy. We are constantly bombarded with how much things cost, the weather, traffic reports, local and global news, but you rarely hear updates about how we can improve our lifestyles without the use of drugs or miracle diets. No, that type of information is not readily shared and requires us to take initiative and find the answers ourselves.

The answers came when I started counting my calories.

My health coach, Grace Derocha, put me on a 1900 calorie diet. Coming from a 3200 calories lifestyle this was quite a shock to my system. Little by little, however, I began to learn just how many calories are in the food that is readily available to us.  It was terrifying to learn that my favorite sandwich contained 900 calories! I soon realized that my obesity was due to my ignorance of what I was putting into my body.

Once I had this knowledge, I then realized I had the control.

I now try to keep a regular diary of my daily calorie intake. Doing this has helped me keep things in check, and I am just getting over the hump to where I crave healthy food.

Stay tuned as I learn what it takes to do 100 push ups and how expensive running shoes have become!

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  1. I hardly think you are “obese” ….people use that term so easily these days, Dr’s included. I put on 10lbs this year so let’s see, for 5ft 2n 1/2 i now weigh 115 lbs, and I have been called obese, fat, a pig (mostly by girls, the guys seem to like curves , lol). The point I want to make though is we always wonder where or why people get “eating disorders”, well I was almost abusing water pills after people said I was fat, until I looked up the chart for what you are supposd to weigh. and for my height i’m no where near overweight, im on the low end actually,. People should be careful what they say out of being jealous or angry or whatever there motive was I have no Idea. I do though definetly have to eat healthier though and that is my goal. Good luck to you!

    1. Hi there Kristina!

      Sorry for the late reply. You’re right obese is a label that gets thrown around a lot. Sorry you have been called some unfair names. That’s just rude. One of the best things about doing this project is that I’m learning that many of us are learning together what it takes to be healthy these days. My diet has definitely changed after taking this on, and I really didn’t have to “diet” or make any drastic adjustments. I’m discovering a new world of delicious food, and I am convinced you will too. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep in touch!

  2. After losing and keeping off for 7 years 120 pounds I am still hounded by Doctors for being over weight. I exercise every day at least 30 minutes but more often that not 60 minutes. I would almost bet I could out run any of the Doctors who tell me that I should weight 110 pounds. I will never weigh that little but am happy how active I can be. I have severe insulin resistance and the best thing I have ever done for me is lose that weight and stay active.

    Keep up the work you will pass that fitness test some day. I pass everything but the weight part every year.

    1. Hi Tania!

      I am learning that genetics plays a big part in this whole health thing. Congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Good morning David, I just want to start out by saying that I too am considered obese and you’re right, it sucks. I never would have thought that I would be in this category. Having quit smoking 4 years ago I’ve put on a good 10lbs per year since then and I’m disgusted with myself. I can’t seem to get a grip on this and so your story is pretty inspiring as I feel I’m in the same place. I never thought I was that unknowledgeable with nutrition however my waist line shows differently. One thing that I’ve found to be odd though is that my regular doctors don’t or won’t really address it. I find it’s almost as if the topic is taboo. I’ve brought it up in my visits however the only thing I was told was watch what I eat and move more. Not very helpful. I just want to say thank you for putting yourself out there like this and sharing your story. I’m sure that sharing all your personal information can’t be easy. In your video for the fitness test you were obviously given many things to test on and they showed a couple of charts for the male ranges. Would you know where we could find a copy of what the fitness test entails and the ranges for females? Thanks again for the encouragement and keep up the great work! Regards, Janie

    1. Hi Janie!

      Yes, obese is just one of those words that doesn’t sound pleasant regardless how it is used. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Quitting somking is a major accomplishment and you should be proud of that! It would seem that loosing weight is an insurmountable challenge. I know it looked that way when I first started this, but I can tell you that watching the calorie intake was a big step in the right direction. I now feel I’m in a comfortable place when it comes to food and what I eat.

      I’m happy to hear what I am doing is helping. The goal of this project wasn’t to showcase me, but to show our members that an employee who is just an “average” overweight unhealthy guy will practice what we suggest to our members. Hearing stories like yours show us we are reaching the right audience. Thank you and keep in touch!


      I’ll see if I can dig up that fitness test result chart for you.

  4. David come out to the country and spent some time with on obese woman who is try to keep up with mother nature on 5 acres. Picking up limbs, cutting grass, planting a garden and keeping up all the other chores will get you off the couch. By the end of the day the chair looks pretty good to me. You won’t need fancy sneakers just some good work boots, I promise I will help you get fit in a hurry. If you can’t help pick up limbs with me do it anyway you can. Get fit and Stay fit. Old Nancy

  5. David, I see your link for your diary of daily calorie intake took me to Fitness Pal With a dramatic, but sensible, ongoing weight loss, my daughter motivated me BY HER EXAMPLE, to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Part of that is fitness pal, and it is really enlightening ; ) being completely honest with myself by logging EVERYTHING I eat. I heard somewhere that it takes 3 months to develop a new habit and I have logged in for 99 days in a row. It is getting easier to use portion control and make healthier choices/substitutions and move more each day (but I still need to stay vigilant). Yes, I still make some poor food decisions, but I don’t get sidetracked as much as before or for as long. I log them and deal with it and move on. The way fitness pal computes everything is amazing, because I was old school, and never followed up with looking things up in a book and writing them down. I’ve lost 22 pounds so far, and I am so thankful for a tool like fitness pal. All the best in your pursuit of healthiness!

    1. Hi Barb!

      Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations on your weight loss! You are 100% correct. Keeping track gets you on the right path. Like you Fitness Pal helped me learn exactly what I was eating and what it was doing to my calorie intake. It has helped me learn portion control and just how many calories are in the food that is immediately available to us. I like to go out a lot, and I had to quickly change what I would order and just how much I could eat in a sitting. I appreciate your support!

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