I’m 26 just graduated and don’t have a job – what are my coverage options?

You’ve just graduated from college and landed your dream job. Maybe it even comes along with a benefits package you’re parents are thrilled about. Sounds ideal, right? Unfortunately though, if you’re a recent graduate then you probably know finding this ideal job with health benefits can be hard to come by. But even if your dream job hasn’t arrived, you still have realistic options available to you for health insurance.

Individual Plans

Some employer plans offer a “conversion” option to help young adults transition from their parent’s plan to an individual health plan of their own. If you are currently without a steady income, this option might be the best alternative. Often, health insurance companies have individual products specifically geared toward the “Under 30” age group offering low deductible, comprehensive and affordable health benefits.


Another alternative is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). With COBRA, you can continue coverage on your parent’s plan for up to 18 months after you turn 26. The monthly premium, however, can be less than ideal when you’re on a budget.

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