$200,000 BCBSM grant has big impact in West Michigan

Recently, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan granted $200,000 to a collaboration between  Metro Health, St. Mary’s Health Care, and Hope Network through their clinical programs, People’s Health Centers of Michigan (PHCM).  The partnership presents as a unique project that focuses on dental care for homeless and uninsured individuals in the West Michigan area.

Jerry DeRuiter, PHCM and Jeff Connolly, BCBSM

Coming from the hard work and dedication of this team of industry professionals, we can expect to see a brand new facility, located on the Hope Network campus in Wyoming, slated for completion in the next 3 or 4 months.  The grant will also allow the hiring of an additional dentist for the clinic, as well as the needed machinery equipment and staff.  At a ground level, this initiative provides a long overdue health care space for the underprivileged individuals residing in West Michigan. In fact, the center itself is located on a bus route for those individuals unable to provide personal transportation.

With construction already underway, the People’s Health Centers of Michigan collaborative helps the community address a wide spectrum of discrepancies. The care that is expected to come out of the center itself will address the lack of resources for individuals in West Michigan who do not have adequate insurance and stability. In creating said care, emergency rooms in West Michigan will fewer cases of mouth sores and other dental issues which could be prevented by regular dental check-ups. In turn, this lowers healthcare costs for the community.

Not only is the sum of grant money a significant donation, but the development itself provides an answer to a long-awaited gap in dental health in the West Michigan region.

What does your community do to help the underprivileged with health care?

Photo credit: Lambert Edward and Associates

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  1. What a wonderful program that I hope will be well utilized. Dental care is so much more important than we sometimes realize so I’m glad there are programs like this in place. Also very grateful for my own dentist at http://www.smiletc.com/.

    1. Cassidy,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I completely agree–this is a wonderful addition to the West Michigan community. We look forward to the construction of the centers and utilization of their services.
      Wonderful that you have such great experiences with your own dentist!

      Kristin Coppens

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