#HealthyMurr: BCBSM social media manager David Murray begins his pursuit of healthiness

What does it truly take to live a healthy lifestyle ?

This is exactly the challenge our social media manager, David Murray, is tasked with this year in a new campaign called The Pursuit of Healthiness.

Throughout the year David will adopt the healthy tips and suggestions we share here on A Healthier Michigan. He will also participate in some of the BCBSM-sponsored activities and programs held throughout the state, like the MI Healthier Tomorrow pledge to lose 10 percent of his body weight. More healthy challenges are in the pipeline, including getting a physical, keeping a food diary, taking a fitness test and more.

One of David’s first assignments was to pen a healthy manifesto. You can read his thoughts below.

I’m fat.

Or at least that is what one website says. Based on my height I am supposed to weigh anywhere between 124 and 155 pounds. Now, I can’t recall the last time I weighed 155 pounds, though my mom thinks it was when I was in high school.

Today I weigh 220. I thought that was normal, but it’s not.

It appears I lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Even though I don’t smoke, no longer drink and have eliminated caffeine from my diet, I don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, and I don’t exercise. Despite these setbacks, I do try to limit my doughnut intake to 5-6 per day. (Kidding!)

No, I am not healthy. But I want to be. Therefore, starting today I promise to:

  • Learn what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Do my best to live that healthy lifestyle
  • Take this one day at a time
  • Understand that this is a long-term commitment
  • Understand that living healthy can be fun
  • Not kill my health coach
  • Enjoy things I once disliked, like exercise and broccoli
  • Avoid foods and habits that some say are bad for me
  • Limit my doughnut intake to 1-2 per day

Best of luck, David!

You can join David’s healthy journey at The Pursuit of Healthiness. You can also follow his progress on Twitter through the #HealthyMurr hashtag.

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  1. You’re going to do great, David!

    I completely agree with #6 – PLEASE do not kill your health coach … she is your best friend now, and will continuously keep you on the healthy track!

    Brisk walking is surely another healthy lifestyle habit that you will promise to do daily, right? Thought so! A pedometer works great, it will allow you to strive for more steps each day ~ yay!

    Remember, if an ordinary “mother of three” from a small Michigan community can shed 162 lbs. by living healthier, so can YOU!

    Enjoy this AMAZING JOURNEY that you have made the commitment to follow and take in the pleasure it provides as you take it “one step at a time!”

    You go, David!

    Jodi Davis

    1. I agree with Jodi, don’t kill me. 😉

      In the end, I am here as a tool to help educate you, but you have the control to decide what you will and won’t do.

      I believe that you can live a healthier lifestyle.

      Go David!



  2. I find that making changes to the diet and lifestyle are best done incrementally. I tried going all out healthy and had too much to remember at once. In response to my confusion, I elimated soda and replaced it with unsweetened tea everywhere I went for one week. It stuck. After that, I replaced coffee with green tea the next week. It stuck.

    I also found that understanding and believing in why I am making the change and the benefits that follow helped the changes stick as well. I’ve gone from a fast food, restaurant, convenience food kinda guy to a careful menu watcher, home cook, and an educated diner.

    I support you 100% Dave and am excited for the future you are impacting for you future self right now. Kudos!!!

    1. Well said, Aaron. I agree that finding the best small change for you to make it real is so important. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And bravo to you for making healthy changes in your life too. 🙂

  3. I am getting older, don’t drink or smoke but have put on a few extra pounds in the last 2 years. I am hoping to get some ideas about getting rid of the excess weight. Also, I am not as active so must figure on some course of excersize.

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