If you seek a pleasant pie, look about you

Today (January 23) is one of the tastiest days of the year, National Pie Day.  And the Michigan connection with National Pie Day is strong, with our state’s farmers contributing a great deal of the cherries, apples and blueberries necessary to satisfy our nation’s sweet tooth. As a state, we might be known for the pleasant peninsulas that surround us and our farmers hope people start recognizing us for the good food that is grown here.

Luckily, pies don’t have to be calorie-laden and diet busting.  With a few modifications, fat and sugar can be reduced in your pie while still delivering the flavor you crave.  This Blueberry Mint pie is a perfect example.

Thanks to our friends at Pure Michigan for creating this pie infographic.  It certainly gave us a lot to think about while we discussing our favorite pie recipes.


What’s your favorite healthy spin on a traditional pie recipe?

Photo credit: The Shifted Librarian


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