How replacing two letters of one word helped me get real about losing weight

Lately, people have been telling me they want to lose weight but when they tell me, it’s not told to me in the same cheery way as if this person wanted a new outfit – they are often very upset.  It makes sense, when you want a new outfit you go buy one at the store instantly.  You can’t go into any store that I know of and purchase instant weight loss. You may see fad diet plans and some sort of pills or miracle drugs that advertise their ability to melt off a person’s excess weight in days, but we know that those are gimmicks.

Believe me, if any of those gimmicks worked, there would be no obesity issues in our country.  Usually, those pills cost a small fortune – something that the average person couldn’t afford anyway.  The mega-rich celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight for gaining weight take them.  They have the money.

In order to get real with myself about wanting to lose weight, I removed the and the T in the word “WANT”  replacing those letters with L and K.  It went like this:

I want to lose weight.  * I walk to lose weight!

I want to rid my body of excess fat. * I walk to rid my body of excess fat!

I want to say goodbye to my plus-sized clothing. * I walk to say goodbye to my plus-sized clothing!

I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.   *  I walk to look in the mirror and like what I see!

I want to feel good about me.   * I walk to feel good about me!

I want to have more energy.   * I walk to have more energy!

I want to get exercise on a daily basis.   * I walk to get exercise on a daily basis!

I want to be healthy.   * I walk to be healthy!

I suggest that you try it and see how it works for you.  During the next three days, replace the word “WANT” with “WALK” as you continue to strive towards your weight loss goals and a healthier lifestyle.  Ask your relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors and everyone you know to join you.  It’s fun, you’ll see.

Want it, because you matter.   WALK because you matter to me!

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