Your determination to reach a weight-loss goal is key to success

When I’m asked for advice regarding successful weight loss, I find it difficult to pinpoint one particular factor to focus on, although determination to achieve your personal weight loss goal is pretty high on my list.  When you make the decision to succeed no matter what roadblocks you may encounter, weight loss will follow.

There will be roadblocks, it’s normal for everyone.  Of course, when asked for weight-loss advice, I don’t always include all the possible roadblocks that you might encounter along your journey because I can’t; it’s literally impossible for me to do.  But I know that when you are determined to achieve a goal, you can find ways to get around them.

As I’ve said before, believing in yourself is often the first roadblock that you encounter.  If you failed at previous weight-loss efforts in your past, then you may have a tendency to believe that you will encounter the same results.  Once you realize that is not true and learn to believe that you can lose weight with success, you’ve moved past a big roadblock!

When the results start, you can look in the mirror and see yourself in an entirely different way.   I surely did!  There was a determined look in my face that said “I’m only getting better from here and nobody is stopping me!”   Allow yourself to do the same; look in the mirror today claiming a similar thought, with true determination and belief in your success.

Here is some of the other advice that I give for weight-loss success.  It’s not complex; in fact, it’s rather pretty simple.

Don’t diet.  Eat healthier.  Sleep 7-9 hours per night.  Keep a positive attitude.   Exercise daily.

When I began eating healthier I ate three meals per day (skipping one was not an option!) each around 350 calories.  My snacks were healthy choices, totaling about 150-200 calories per day.  I still allowed myself my favorite snacks, but my portion sizes were smaller.  “One bite tastes the same as twenty!”  I enjoyed the taste and focused on something other than food … determination.

Sleeping was important to me, so I strived for at least 7 hours per night.   When I learned that sleep deprivation actually doubles the risk of obesity in both children and adults, then I never allowed any excuses to stop me from getting enough z’s.   I set a bedtime and stuck to it… determination.

My attitude improved because I knew that my life was going to continue to get better and better!  The old me would have been sad or upset because I was on a diet, which always left me feeling deprived.  I was not on a diet anymore.   I was living a healthy lifestyle so I wasn’t deprived of anything.   Being angry at God, at my genetics or at anyone who “was thin” had ended, I quit blaming things and others.   If I started to feel depressed I stopped and thought of ways to change my attitude… determination.

Exercising daily really melted off my weight.  Every bit of advice that I share was a piece of my weight-loss success puzzle, but walking 1.5 miles for 22 minutes every single day was my most important piece of success.  I never allowed any excuses to stop me from walking.  If it rained, I used an umbrella.  If it was cold outdoors, I would bundle myself up in a warm coat, gloves and earmuffs.  If I was tired, I would walk anyways … determination.

Each time I weighed myself – about every 3-4 months or so – my results were amazing!  The scales would show a weight loss of around 40 pounds, each time!   My goal was achieved in 16 months – 162 pounds melted off and they haven’t returned.  Why?  Because I still follow my own advice.

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