3 secrets to a successful resolution

One thing that I’ve noticed in working in the field of nutrition is weight loss for the sake of weight loss doesn’t seem like enough incentive to keep New Year’s resolutions going.  The pursuit of weight loss can feel exciting in the beginning, but over time, momentum slows.

Here’s a peek at a little New Year’s perspective to ensure you feel far more successful with your intentions.

#1.  Establish your “why”

First, start by getting clear about what is of absolute importance to you.  Much of the time, being “healthy” as an end result isn’t enough.  What will you do with your health?  For example, your creative pursuit whether it may be music, writing, yoga or photography, may take high priority in your life.  If you desire a level of mastery in one of these areas, a diet that supports restful sleep, energy and clearer thinking would be very beneficial for your craft.  Exercise would become a non-negotiable habit for writers who literally need to move energy and open themselves to fresh ideas.  For others, having a family and raising children offers tremendous incentive for fostering new self-care habits.

#2. Let go of the willpower fallacy

The reliance people place on willpower alone creates many challenges this time of year.  People often trick themselves into thinking an unrealistic way of eating, exercising or cooking at home is sustainable for them as long as they apply the right amount of force or will.  Over time, as the excitement of willpower wears thin, reality sinks in.  The frustration is mis-directed toward themselves, believing they lack adequate discipline.

#3. Aim for sustainability

Make the real discipline answering this question honestly:  “Is this sustainable for me?”.  If it is not, adjust your intention until it is.  Let go of the notion “Go Big or Go Home”. Maybe you order take-out most evenings — a great intention would be upgrading your habits and preparing 3 evening meals a week.  That gives you a goal along with some flexibility.

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