How I learned to stifle the voice of doubt that kept me from being healthy

After twenty-five years of trying to lose weight, I definitely learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t.  The information I gathered over that time allowed me to put together a plan to lose weight successfully, a plan that I thought would work.

Basically I would keep my calorie intake around 1,200 per day, making sure to never skip a meal along with allowing myself to consume healthy yet tasty snacks.  I could enjoy fast food on occasion and eat my favorite foods in moderation.   I would drink more water, sleep at least 7 hours per night, keep a positive attitude and exercise by taking a brisk walk outdoors for about 22 minutes per day.  It sounded like the perfect plan to me.

But there was still that one obstacle that I had to overcome:  a lack of belief in myself.  I was unable to believe in myself because I knew one thing for sure:  I had tried wholeheartedly to lose my excess weight countless times in the past and the results were always the same. I failed.

I believed was that I was meant to be fat, God made me that way.  I felt that losing weight was impossible for me.  I may have informed the world that I was going to do lose weight with all the best intentions, but deep inside my soul I knew better.  I was the fat girl.  She was always going to be part of who I was.

I overcame this obstacle by stifling that voice inside of me that kept repeating to me that I could not lose weight.  The voice that said I would never succeed.  The voice that didn’t want me to believe I could ever be thin and healthy.  I shut that voice up.   It makes me laugh because I imagined that I put tape over her mouth so I didn’t have to listen to that voice ever again, and you know what?  I haven’t.

I shut her up because I know that  I was not meant to be fat.  Yes, God made me … but he did not make me fat.  He gave me intelligence and creativity, and it was time that I used them both!

Using the intelligence that God gave me, I knew that losing weight is possible for anyone, me included. It made sense that I could lose the weight by using the method that I had devised.   I believed I would achieve weight loss success;  I actually truly and honestly believed it!  The obstacle that had been in my way for two and half decades was finally gone.   It took me almost two months, the time from the funeral to the day that I stifled that voice for good.  I remember how I felt when it happened on January 22, 2001.  I still continue to treasure that day.   I’m most likely alive and healthy because of it.

I share this information with you because I want you to do the same.  Truly believing that you can succeed is probably the most difficult aspect of trying to lose excess weight, one that isn’t often mentioned.   It isn’t just about eating right and exercise; believing in yourself is just as crucial.   Oftentimes, it is also the most difficult part of any weight loss plan.

Believe in the positive and amazing results will follow.

Just how fast will these amazing results happen?  I can’t wait to tell you  in my next post.

Photo credit: Amy Loves Yah

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