Ten stocking stuffers that Santa may leave for you this holiday season

Santa had it easy when I was a kid.  He would shove a bunch of candy into my stocking and call it a day.

Times have changed. Sugary and gooey candy just don’t cut it anymore.  So Santa got to work, searching high and low for great stocking stuffers that support people living a healthy lifestyle.  After a bit of coaxing, Santa has agreed to share some of these extra special gifts that he feels are perfect this season.

  • Coffee:  For those individuals who enjoy starting their day with this healthy beverage, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer.  Java sold in ½ lb. bags fit perfectly in a small stocking;  a 3 lb. bag will surely fit great in a large one.  And if the stocking has a little extra room left inside, a beautiful coffee mug will compliment this gift perfectly and can be used to enjoy that first cup of new brew!
  • Dark chocolate:  Santa often splurges on this decadent treat and he suggests that you search for the brands that contain a high percentage cocoa  that will allow you to appreciate a truly exceptional piece of chocolate.  Just be sure that the stocking isn’t over a roaring fireplace … a stocking full of melted chocolate won’t bring any smiles on Christmas morning.
  • Healthy snack bars: Snacks bars often contain a combination of oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit and small amounts of sugar and fat.   These often provide a boost of energy and plenty of nutrients; in fact, Santa often consumes one himself on Christmas Eve just for those two reasons.
  • Healthy energy bars  They contain no fillers, no sweeteners and nothing artificial.  A stocking full of these will surely provide the recipient a great snack and energy boost for several days in the New Year.
  • Box of herbal tea bags  Santa claims that there is nothing nicer on a cold midwinter’s day than a soothing cup of herbal tea.   Herbal tea is tasty, warming, and has many amazing health benefits.  From soothing a troubled tummy to easing insomnia along with calming a troubled mind, herbal tea seems to do the trick.
  • Stainless steel water bottle Water drinkers who are trying to stay away from plastic seem to truly love stainless steel water bottles.  They last a long time, are simple to clean and care for, and many have a “sport top” that makes drinking during a workout much easier.   Various sizes and bright colors provide for a stocking stuffer that is sure to bring a smile.
  • Flavored drink packets    I make sure to always drink my water but often I like a little taste added to it.   Water flavor packets or “water booster” packets make a great stocking stuffer.  Santa shared they he finds them in boxes of 10 packets or larger boxes of 30 packets.  This stocking stuffer is also a perfect complement to that stainless steel water bottle.
  • Smartphone ‘work out’ gloves   For those who walk or run during the winter months, these are the perfect gloves to have when you listen to music, use your fitness apps, or answer calls.    They aren’t too thick so the touch screen will work great while wearing them.    There are thinner gloves for runs or walks that are cold but above 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also find a super thick pair of gloves for those sub 20-degree activities.   Santa raves about these gloves and claims that they are surprisingly affordable too.
  • Wool ‘work out’ socks    Santa actually delivered a pair of these to my dad and he really loves them!  They may cost a bit more but they will last longer, so you need fewer pairs.  These socks are especially warm, insulating and breathable in the winter.
  • Lip balm  Who doesn’t need this moisturizing item during the winter months, especially when you’re exercising outdoors in the cold temps?  Dry, chapped lips are no fun and oftentimes hurt.   A box of tinted colors and flavored lip balm is a great stocking stuffer.  Take Santa’s advice, use lip balm and you’ll be smiling ear-to-ear.
  • A pedometer.    This is probably my favorite stocking stuffer of all.   They are a wonderful gift idea to keep you motivated to move every day.   The experts recommend that each of us strive for 10,000 steps daily.  It’s one way to stay physically active and off the couch, which is key to burning calories and weight management.  Santa is using a pedometer himself.  He tells me he’s lost 24 pounds since last year 😉

What healthy stuffers are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?

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